1. Back in Miami and the daily thunderstorm is right on schedule :)

  2. Lest We Forget

    Canada’s Vimy Ridge Memorial (fr. August 2011)


  3. SNOW DAY!!!!

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  4. February 7 - A 11 + 1 Month Reckoning

    I realized today that I haven’t posted anything new on here for a rather long time. And by realized, I of course mean I actually checked how long it has been instead of just saying it in my head: 11 months since my last new post (I’m not counting the Vimy post since it was photos from the previous August). After sitting through an interesting and informative day of presentations about publishing and conferences and general Masters thesis/degree/life information, I felt the need to bring the last 11 months to account. Truthfully, as I write this, it’s more for me than for you (no offense to whoever may be out there reading this.) It’s an attempt to organize and quantify a scattered mind, an attempt that may fail, which I have to remind myself isn’t a catastrophic thing but part of the process. By producing a reckoning of the last 11 months, hopefully I can gain an insight on where to go next, which is the current stress in my life.

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  5. On this day in 1917, The Battle of Vimy Ridge, Canada’s “Coming of Age”, began. 

    In honour of the 3598 dead and 7004 wounded Canadians, on the 95th anniversary of the battle. 

    Lest We Forget.

  6. The New York Chinatown Chinese New Year Parade.

  7. More New York

  8. Some pictures from NYC! It’s hard to believe that my four months here are over half done!


  9. Thoughts…

    So there it is, 4x6x…357 :P so I failed a little bit, but I definitely took more pictures than I would have if I hadn’t been trying to do this. In that way at least, I will still call it a success! I feel a lot more confident with my camera now than I did a year ago (I even shoot on full manual mode now most of the time! When I started, it was pretty much exclusively aperture mode for me). I’ll likely still post some new photos from time to time. I’m in NYC interning, so there’s some great opportunities in an entirely different environment than Miami or Rome. For instance, I have some neat photos from the Chinese New Year Parade that I might post in the near future. If we would just get some snow, I would go out and have a field day…for real, what is up with this weather?

  10. dec 31 - my last (and rather disappointing) shot of the year: the inside of an airport :P but in reality, it meant that i was home, even if just for a few days, so even if its a crappy picture…whatever. not to say that i’m not kicking myself for not taking a picture of the much snazzier airport at my stopover in zurich or the snow in montreal…